What we do not know about the universe?

At a distance of several thousand light years from the Earth, in a deep space, something is happening that the human mind can not contain and understand until the end until it can.

We tried as simply as possible to talk about what amazing things are happening outside the solar system.

Dark energy
In 1998, scientists from NASA using the Hubble telescope determined that the universe, in fact, is expanding much faster than previously thought. Astronomers came to the conclusion that the interstellar space is almost 70% filled with some "energy fluid".

The study of this "filler" allowed scientists to conclude that the ever expanding space in some incomprehensible way develops its own energy, which this process of expansion accelerates. The nature of the origin of dark energy has not yet been studied. We only know that it is completely invisible.

And once 70% of the cosmos is filled with it, another 25% with dark matter, it turns out that 95% of the universe for mankind is still a "dark forest". That's the kind of pun. If we try to understand the fact that we do not know anything about the cosmos, it almost becomes uncomfortable ...

The Great Center of Attraction
Each of us has ever had a nightmare about a terrible trap, from which it is impossible to get out. In fact, we live in this nightmare: The Milky Way and other galaxies approach the area of ​​space at a speed of 2.2 million kilometers per hour, which we do not even know about. It is only known that there is something that possesses monstrous gravity. Scientists have called this area a great center of attraction.

Hundreds of astronomers believe that it is in this place that sooner or later all stars, planets and other space objects find their death. It is impossible to see anything in this field even with the help of modern telescopes, since the Great Center of Attraction is hidden from humanity by millions of stars and huge clouds of cosmic dust.

Scientists jokingly call it the "cosmic serial killer", which drags its victims into the delivery van with dirty windows, through which it is impossible to see what is happening inside.

Star KIC 8462852
Modern scientists are looking for new objects in space in this way: they measure the amount of light that comes from a certain star, and if a planet passes by, the brightness of the radiation falls. The frequency and duration of the decrease in the intensity of stellar radiation makes it possible to draw tentative conclusions about the nature of the planet.

Star KIC 8462852 is located in the constellation Cygnus at a distance of about 1400 light years from Earth. From time to time, it tarnishes by more than 20%. This fact can not be explained only by the fact that it is obscured by a planet passing by its orbit. American physicist Freeman Dyson in the sixties suggested that this can be caused by the construction of a serious orbital structure by some intelligent beings. According to his assumption, aliens brought into orbit of their planet a whole swarm of satellites to absorb the light emitted by the star.

Of course, there is no exact proof of the veracity of this conjecture, but everything can be. Especially Dyson in his studies pretty clearly puts everything on the shelves. Most of his colleagues believe that this phenomenon is not related to the orbital technology built by aliens - the cause of the systematic tarnishing of a star is most likely a cluster of asteroids and remnants of comets.

Supersheet Eridani
For the first time astronomers began to talk about the superfluidity in the constellation Eridan after they began to study the cosmic microwave background. In the course of those studies, a huge area of ​​outer space (about one billion light-years in diameter) was discovered, within which there is practically no dark matter and energy.

It is possible that humanity has faced with some kind of "door" in the parallel universe, since according to the existing theory of absolute emptiness in space does not exist.

Zombie Stars
This, of course, the comic name of a special kind of star, but they actually exist. After the outbreak of the supernova, some white dwarfs "survive". They draw hydrogen from the stars located in close proximity and for some time continue to shine brightly enough. Powerful X-ray radiation is very similar to the "scream" that zombie stars "devour" their neighbors.

No danger to the life of earthlings, these cosmic "living dead" do not represent - reaching a critical mass, they explode and disappear forever.

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